Big thanks go to Csaba for filming the entire games over the past few months

Diego Patricio Caicedo Moreira (Foguinho) training with Celtic.
How many times can you spot yourself being fooled?

Budapest Celtic 2XI 0 V 2 Heroes of Waterloo
1st Half

2nd Half

And also big thanks to club stalwart Gearoid for the below videos in giving an insight into the club!

Budapest Celtic 4 V 1 Celtic Kaledonians
Sunday 29th March 2009 - A Liga league fixture

Budapest Celtic Vs Ratio Homini
September 13th 2006

How the hell did Ade miss that!

Boving misses a great opportunity!

Exclusive footage of Niels signing Neil for Celtic
August 2006

Dani Dan nets one for the Kally
August 2006

Thanks to one of the founder members of our club and part-time cameraman Gearoid for the following insights into the life of Budapest Celtic!