Get to know the Budapest Celtic players that little bit closer by reading their player interviews.

Name: Laurence Coen
Nicknames: Loz, capt.
Age: 40
Position: Centre back, occasional full back.
Former clubs: My former clubs? Budapest lions, Magdalene College old boys.
Best dresser in the team: I wouldn't be able to judge this, as I think Rob wears nice clothes, and we are both men of a certain age now...
Worst dresser: Me, as I'm always last one to leave the changing room!
Best taste in music: I don't know - maybe I need to get to know my fellow players a bit better, I haven' got a clue what they all like!
Worst taste: Defeat.
Your favourite films: I don't know, my wife hijacks my trips to the cinema nowadays, went out to see The Dark Knight the week before last and found myself watching My Blueberry Nights (a RomCom!) Don't know how that happened, my wife swears she asked for tickets for The Dark Knight (in Hungarian).....
Your favourite music: Totally eclectic, all sorts, from Classical to Country and Western. Draw the line at most hip hop and slash metal.
Best moment of your career: Every header.
Worst moment: Losing 6-0 to Vikings last November.


Name: Joseph McCann
Nicknames: Joe, Joe everywhere and Daniel Alves according to Hellas.
Age: 26 soon.
Position: Left or right full back.
Former clubs: Let’s see. Firhill boys I actually played alongside former Celtic player Stevie Gibb, Woodside, Rovers United, Parklife FC, Luton Maniacs and You and whose army?
Best dresser in the team: Although I am sure my girlfriend would go for Loz or Rob for me its either Heike or Niels. Heike wins it by a nose for his extravagant taste in useless accessories.
Worst dresser: Got to be Zafaer. He is a great goalkeeper but his taste in clothes leaves a lot to be desired.
Clown of the team (the funniest player): Heike again. His accent is pretty hilarious.
Best taste in music: Since I can’t pick myself I will go for Jim Luby. He likes the National and Entourage (even though it’s a TV show).
Worst taste in music: Adrian Courage used to bring an over sized ghetto blaster into the dressing room in a vain attempt to recreate the atmosphere of 1980’s Wimbledon but since he has left the club it has to be Paul Bartlett. After every game he always sings Band Aids Feed the World in my direction.
Your favourite films: Gotta be Taxi Driver on top of my list. Donnie Darko also deserves a mention. My favourite recent film is There will be blood. “Get me outta here Eli”.
Your favourite music: Radiohead, The National, Redhouse Painters, Ballboy.
Favourite club: Glasgow Celtic.
Best moment of your career: Playing against Aiden McGeady and Celtic boys for Rovers United at the 1995 Dunoon Tournament. At least I think it was Aiden.
Worst moment: Losing the title on the last day of the season.
If you were a real player who would you be: I would like to think Daniel Alves or Javier Zanetti. But in truth I would say Mark Wilson of Celtic. He wears no.12 like me and plays left or right back.


Name: Neil Evans 
Nicknames: Evo, El Machino (the machine - when playing in Oz),
Age: 31
Position: Centre Midfield, Right Midfield
Former clubs: Ooh err... Wem Town, Carlisle University 1st XI, Whitchurch Alport, Newport Town, Market Drayton Town, Telford NHS, Dulwich Hill (Australia)
Best dresser in the team: Probably Niels, he always seems to do something right with the ladies!
Worst dresser: Plenty of nominees who are up for grabs for this one, but I'll go for Matt and his homeless look.
Clown of the team (the funniest player): Heike, get him started on Joe's accent and he's away..
Best taste in music: No idea, so I'll say me as I'm biassed as hell about the variation on my ipod
Worst taste in music: Again I can't say but after reading Loz's comments last week I'll go for him ;0P
Favourite drink/food?: Getting to like the Gaymers in drink, food wise - I prefer Italian, Indian and a very good Cantonese restaurant back home in a place called Loggerheads.
Your favourite music: Very diverse ranging from The Verve, Coldplay, Arctic Monkey's, Wombats, Muse through to Chemical Bro's, Leftfield, Prodigy early stuff, and of course Massive Attack.
Favourite club: The Mighty Reds – Liverpool
Best goal of your career: Probably last week! Did score with a volley from the centre circle once for university that I'll never forget.
What inspires you before matches?:  Back in the UK I would always be watching Soccer AM and the 'Showboating' section and a round up of the previous weeks games, that used to always give me a buzz. Now its more that I am still fit enough to compete with a bunch of quality guys and still enjoying my football. As soon as I lose the enjoyment, I know its time to quit.
Have you ever missed a penalty: Glad to say no, not that I remember and its 15 out of 15 for Celtic!! But that really puts the pressure on now doesn't it!
Where do you keep all your man of the match awards: I was wondering that, but I was looking for a book the other day and spotted this little bronze footballer peeking his head out behind it. I removed a few more books and there they are all were, hidden away behind them - I noticed that the bloody tennis trophies were still visible... not any more they're not. Some Homeless guy will be well pleased when he is rooting through our garbage next week...


Name: Vlad Panov 
Age: 26
Position: Floating Striker 
Former clubs: Budapest Lions
Best dresser in the team: Gabor Harsanyi
Clown of the team (the funniest player): Quite a few players deserve to be named here
Your favourite music: Eric Clapton, Roxette, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guns n Roses
Your favourite films: Snatch, Borat, Heat and anything that’s funny
Favourite club: Slavia Sofia
Best moment of your career: Scoring 5 against the BIS Old Boys, on a day when any shot I attempted would go in
Worst moment of your career:  Breaking my ankle in the 88TH minute of a game we had already won and missing almost the whole season
If you were a real player who would you be and why: Dimitar Berbatov, because I too lobe giving a nearly impossible through ball, stay put and watch what happens. Plus everybody would want to be the best footballer in the World
What do you want to do once you hang up your boots: Hopefully by then I would be already doing it- a career in International Relations

 Name: Paul Bartlett
Age: 34
Nicknames: Barts, Barllo, Chub (by my affectionate wife!) and a word beginning with a capital C by most of the population!
Position: Centre Forward
Former clubs: Callington Town FC, Gunnislake FC Sat & Sun, Liskeard Town, TD Sports Crawley, British Airways Gatwick, Air Training Corps SW region, Tamar Valley Thistles and finally, where it all started, Stormvolges FC Holland.
Favourite club: Unfortunately at this moment in time; Tottenham Hotspurs.
Favourite music/films:Music, all sorts from classical film scores to grunge metal to R&B through to Indie music. Whatever sounds good, doesn't matter what music genre it comes from. Films, Love the Bourne series, Heat, Miami Vice, Apocalypse Now, Gladiator and movies based on true events like, Black Hawk Down, Munich and Thirteen Days.
Clown of the team (Funniest player): Stani. He never stops combing his hair with those hairbrush fingers and every movement is like a model's pose for GQ. Always got a smile on his face though, even when your ripping the piss out of him! I am going to nickname him "hairbrush."
Best moment of your career: Playing in front of Johan Cruyff against his son Jordi at the age of 7. I still remember it believe it or not!
Favourite food: Langos, Sunday Roasts and always love a juicy bloody steak.
The best novel ever written is: Factoid-novel; Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNabb. Only books I read are fact based and although this one was a little blown out of proportion, as was later proved, It sucked you in and took you on a journey. It's the bollocks!
If you were a song which song would you be and why: What a stupid question! "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" Meatloaf. At the moment for every three golden opportunities on goal, I net two. It ain't bad but I am hunting for three, then I can change the lyrics to "three out of three is shit hot."
Will spurs ever win a game in the epl this season: Yes, but it might not be enough to keep them up!

 Name: Arick Tretell
Nicknames: Rickster
Age: 24
Position: Defensive midfielder
Former clubs: Preetzer TSV, Schellhorner Gilde
Home town: Preetz
Favorite team: Bayern Munich
Favorite drink: Gin and tonic
Favorite movies: The Boondock Saints and The Godfather
Favorite sayings: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you
Best moment of your career: Appearing on the front page of a Seattle newspaper after a good game.
Worst moment of your career: Missing a penalty in a youth team when I was ten years old :-)
Clown of the team (funniest player): Paul B.

 Name: Jim Luby
Nicknames: There's a whole lot of names I've been called with a variation my last name. The lubester, lubes etc...
Age: 38
Mostly in defense but played a lot of midfield and striker growing up.
Former clubs:
Concord United, Peugeot Sport Club (Coventry, UK), Oak Park Tricycles, Wauconda Chiefs, DePaul University Blue Demons
Favorite club: Coventry City but I'm also fond of the Chicago Fire in the MLS
Favorite movies/music: Trainspotting, The Great Escape, Snatch, Lock Stock. As far as music goes, I'm a big fan of the Stereophonics, Feeder, Coldplay, Doves, Springsteen, U2 but I'm always on the lookout for new bands like the Silversun Pickups or the National.
Favorite food: I'm not sure I have a favorite but Mexican, Hungarian, and Indian are my top three.
The best player you have ever played with is: Joe McCann, of course! Growing up, I did get to play with some good players in the Olympic Development Program who played for the US National Youth team.
Who is the best manager you have ever played for: The best manager I've played for is always my current manager ;-)
The funniest moment in your Celtic career: I think it was when we found out that one of our star players had disappeared for the last 30 minutes of a game to take a dump. Or when the crowd at the Prague tournament was singing there's only one Roy Evans about Ken Goldie. Or the numerous times the referees checked our BLSZ registration before matches cards which didn't match our names or pictures.
The best moment in your career:
Winning the Prague Tournament and scoring my penalty in the shootout (what a relief).
What inspires you before matches: These days it's just being able to get out and have fun.
If you were a song which song would you be and why: When You Were Young - The Killers. I'm just trying to remember what it was like when I was young.
The best book ever written is:
Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh
Funniest team mate: Chris Dobson, his misanthropic rants are hilarious.
Worst dresser in the team: I think that could be me but why not throw Matt under the bus, so Matt.
Best dresser in the team: Niels
Best taste in music in the team:
Joe McCann but an honorable mention goes out to Chris Dobson with the exception of his sad devotion to the Smiths.
Worst taste in music:
From what I've heard, Laurence has some shocking stuff on his iPod.


Name: Szilard Kardhordo
Nicknames: Szil, in the US some friends called me: Szlizard, or Lizard, and once on the skiing world championship U14 the loudspeaker said Siciliano, (you can guess that it was in Italy)
Age: 24
Right wing midfielder (when Joe is sent off, or suspended right full back)
Former clubs: Gépállat, Deák Tér, Al-kaloida (all 5-a-side teams)
Favorite clubs: Manchester United
Favorite films/music: Both depend on my mood. Right now I am about to listen to some Nightwish or Apocalypitc , but Metallica, Coldplay, The Offspring, Green Day, Bad Religion and even Disturbed, Cradle of Filth or Linkin Park would make it. Just to tell something you might not know, I am also a big fan of Sycamore, which is the band of my American friend who was my roommate for 4 months.
A couple of weeks ago I watched Lost in the wild, that is a really good movie. Otherwise I do not really have a favorite one. There are some films I like, and tons of movies (especially musicals, and retarded comedies) I hate to watch.
If you were a real player who would you be and why: Probably Ryan Giggs. I think his FA Cup goal against Arsenal says it all.
What are your greatest strengths as a player: I am pretty fast
Funniest player in the team: Vlado
Best dresser in the team:
Worst dresser in the team:
Stani (how can you show up in sweat-pants at the university)
Best moment in your career:
I guess you mean football. Once in the final round of a winter 5-a-side league we had to win or last match to claim the title. It was 1:1 with only 3 minutes remaining. Somehow I got forward somewhere on the 5 meter line, but inches away from the baseline. The keeper came out to get the ball, but I managed to head it over him, and it went in from the right post. We won 2:1. It supposed to be a pass, but at the end of the match I told everybody I meant to head it in...
Actually it was the first round, of the league, and we played terrible, came up 4th at the end, but the story is better this way  I have some great memories in tennis and skiing though.
Worst moment in your career: I was booked, and broke my wrist.
Can Celtic win every game this season: Hell yeah.
How would you sum up the season so far for yourself and Celtic:
For me so far this season is about actually meeting the players. Getting used to the style, the tactics, and the full size pitch.
Favorite food/drink: Hagymás rostélyos, (sorry guys, I have no idea about the English name of it) and hot chocolate
The best novel ever written is: The novels written by Wass Albert. He was a writer who lived in Transylvania after it was annexed (I am not sure if I used the right word) to Romania. All I could hear about the treatment of the government and the difficulties Hungarians had (and still have) to face is so controversial. But reading these books I got a much better understanding of the circumstances, and they are also very enjoyable to read.


Name: Gabor Harsanyi
Nicknames: Some of my friends keep calling me Sanyi, (which is the Hungarian short version of Alexander) and sounds not to have anything to do with me, until you take a look at the last five letters of my family name.
This story is probably boring and useless for most of the readers, but it might help Joe McCann to spell my family name right in the match reports... which has not happened even once so far... ; )
Age: 32, which is is the smallest number n with exactly 7 solutions to the equation φ(x) = n. It is also the sum of the totient function for the first ten integers. The fifth power of two, 32 is also a Leyland number since 24 + 42 = 32. As with every power of two, 32 has an aliquot sum one less than itself: the prime 31. 32 is the first member of the 31-aliquot tree. 32 is the ninth Happy number. 32=11+22+33
Former clubs: Budapest Lions, Budapest Celtic, I know, it’s a slightly shorter list than most of those I've seen in the earlier interviews...
Best dresser in the team: I feel I need to appoint Vlado for this title, in return of his gesture to realize the heavy investments I make in my football accessories before each game... : )
Worst dresser in the team: Matt, no doubt about that! But I realized it's very advantageous to us, since we usually score 2-3 goals before the opposition players recover from the shock of watching a "homeless" guy warming up our team... : )
Favorite films/music: Beautiful opportunity to promote my company, so I say Generation Kill (HBO original production) which is our second series (after Over there) on the Iraqi war topic. I can not miss an episode. Music. I mostly listen to radio, I like Kis csillag or Kaukazus from the Hungarians and U2 or Shagal, just to mention a few...
Clown of the team (funniest player): I vote for Joe Justifiedfoulscanonlyhappenagainstme McCann.. : )
Favorite sayings: From the club? Quite easy to remember a fairly close relative of Jesus who was mentioned a few times...
Do you set yourself any personal goals before the start of each season: Some might say the most important targets are delaying/stopping the opposition and passing to midfield or to the wings, but I still tell you, my most important goal is to concede at least one less goal than what our strikers score.
What inspires you before matches: Alcohol, metal music and hard drugs...? (O.K., these might sound strange but if you take another look, they are perfect excuses for me when I miss a ball.)
Who is the best player you have ever played with in your time at Celtic and Lions: Kieran Sheehy, only some of you can remember him from the Budapest Celtic times. The rest of you should imagine the guy like some would compose Laurence's kamikaze attacks and Neil's shooting skills.
Who is the best player you have played against in the Budapest league: Can’t remember the name of the black French ex-Paprikas guy, who scored 4 against us last year. At the end we just wanted to foul him but we could not. He was fortunately transferred to a higher league this year.
What has been your initial impression of the new players who have arrived at Celtic this season: I can confirm that this season’s new players are the most talented among any acquisitions that have been made by Celtic/Lions so far, therefore the team has a high chance to win the championship again. (I'm especially curious about the game coming up against the Vikings!) Another effect of the new players are involving financials, like we will need to invest into an XS size kit, because - my absolute favorite - Dao looks completely lost in the current size..
You wear the no.2, why did you choose this particular number and how long have you been wearing it?: Two is the only number x such that the sum of the reciprocals of the powers of x equals itself. Powers of two are central to the concept of Mersenne primes, and important to computer science. Two is the first Mersenne prime exponent. Taking the square root of a number is such a common mathematical operation, that the spot on the root sign where the exponent would normally be written for cubic roots and other such roots, is left blank for square roots, as it is considered tacit. The square root of two was the first known irrational number. o.k., now seriously, number 2 has been kind of a lucky number for me for my whole life and I can't remember a game without wearing this number, even though sometimes I need to tear it off another players back, who do not have a clue why am I insulting them.

Name: Paul Couling
Nicknames: Coolio (he says rather embarrassingly). I think it is more to do with my surname then the resemblance to the Gangsta Rapper.
Age: 35
The opposition. Central Defender
Former clubs: Tudor Villa, Sutton United Supporter's Club, LLoyds TSB.
Best dresser in the team: Joe in his new shirt.
Worst dresser in the team:
Regarding Zafer's Cech headwear, I'm not sure if he should be in the best or worst answer!
Best taste in music: I've only experienced Laurence's taste in music. A Richard Hawley gem was sandwiched between Serbian Turbo Folk and Barry Manilow, so make your own minds up!
Worst taste in music: See previous answer.
Favourite films/music: American Werewolf in London (1981 version), The Warriors (1979 version). Mainly New wave from the late 70's; The Fall, Talking Heads. (Roots Rock) Reggae. I also like Xavier Cugat if I'm feeling mellow.
Best moment of your career: Winning promotion with Lloyds TSB. We had a great dressing room with a work hard play hard ethic. I actually missed my first Fulham home game in over 10 years to turn out for them in a late Saturday afternoon kick-off.
Worst moment of your career: Any injuries sustained.
Clown of the team(funniest player): Joe McCann, inadvertently. After being sent off the other week his quips reminded me of the comic Norman Collier who always made out his microphone was faulty.
Favourite club: Fulham
If you were a real player who would you be and why: I'm nostalgic by nature, so it would have to be a central defender like Terry Butcher. Players that just got on with the game. Not celebrities just football heroes. I loved him as a manager too as he nearly took Brentford into the non league! Brian McBride is the modern day model professional.
If you were a song which song would you be and why: An impossible question. I'll simply plug Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads as the perfect song. (That has no resemblance to me by the way!)
What is the atmosphere like inside the Celtic dressing room: There seems a good spirit and players are charged up and focussed. Long may the winning streak continue.
Favourite food/drink: Jó Reggelt bars, pie, mash and gravy, curries. Beer, water.
The best novel ever written is: I like non-fiction. Books on the former eastern bloc regimes interest me.
Favourite sayings:
I'm not religious but try to adhere to the saying "do unto others as you would have them do to you". Cue tumbleweed!
What are your best qualities as a player: The pace has gone but I can sometimes rely on my lanky legs for a last ditch tackle... or foul. 

Name: Niels Boving
Nicknames: From opponents...normally.."fucking long legs"..said in Hungarian in a very "friendly" way..:))
Age: 34
Position: In new Celtic team:
Attacker / winger
Former clubs:
Many, but lets mention: FC Tønder
Favourite club: In Premier league:
Favourite music/films: Music its a bread spread, from old town basic quality: U2, Rolling stones, to new ones like: Killers, Coldplay
Best moment of your career: Winning the all mighty "Franz Beckenbauer cup"
Worst moment:
All the the last few years...could it be a message..naahhh :)
Clown of the team (funniest player):
Best goal of your career:
uhh many comes to my mind:), but most important properly the final one from the penalty spot winning the "FB cup" beating a Dutch team in the final in Düsseldorf.
You are known as the clubs best dresser do you have any style tips for the rest of the lads: Surely overrated ..:), but just do opposite than the Brits, then you are on the better track:)
If you were a real player who would you be and why: ..Don't understand the question...what do you mean by a real player....what the fuck!!!:)
The best player you have ever played with is: ..Sergey...some one from the Russian OL team, don't remember spelling his name. .(or just leave it open)
The worst player you have ever played with is: Cant say and wont say :)

Name: Nigel Killeen
Nicknames: My name gets misspelled and mispronounced in most foreign countries…. Nagyo (Hungary), Knee Gel (Italy) or once Virgil (Greece)
Physically 65, mentally 15
Right or left wing (occasionally both at the same time when things really start to go awry)
Favorite club:
Was an absolute fanatical Liverpool fan at one stage but less impressed these days
Favorite movies/music:
Radiohead (and managed to miss them every time they have come to Budapest dohhh), Glen Hansard from Frames (listening to that at the moment)
60's Jazz, not that crap they play on Radio Jazzy or whatever you call that Hungarian station……
Favorite book/writer:
Again, too many, but “Holidays in Hell” by PJ O’Rourke is a good read for anyone who travels
There are too many to list but watch the film called 'Once' good Irish film made for €100K in 3 weeks and won best song at the Oscars in 2007
Favorite food:
Pesto with anything
The best Celtic player:
The worst Celtic player:
Neil, not good to play beside, makes you look old and slow
The funniest moment in your Celtic career:
I remember playing for Kaledonian when our goalie turned up visibly pissed at the game from being out on an all night bender. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The best moment in your career:
Playing soccer in a summer league in the US (won league). Being from Ireland, was only used to playing soccer in the pissing rain and wind….. didn’t know it could be played in sunshine.
What inspires you before matches:
My wife, she tells it like it is…. “Don’t screw it up and miss any penalties again”.
How would you sum up the season so far for yourself and Celtic:
Team is getting better and better but so is the league generally. Organization is better then ever also. Great move to go to Csepel pitch. All that’s left is to beat the Vikings…..
If you were a song which song would you be and why:
On Sunday I was a bit like "Statues" from Moloko. First game back, what can I say……
Funniest team mate:
Laurence for the great quotes “we are on the ascendancy Celtic” or “well done Szilard, you can keep your hat on now”
Joe, when he fouls someone, gets a telling off from the ref and then looks like the world has wronged him.
Vlad, for his ability to curse at the ref and not get sent off.
Best dresser in the team:
Stani for the hair bands,
Zafer for the blue ‘eggbox’ that he wears on his head (that’s got to catch on)

Name: Johny Bennett
Age: 24
Position: Attacking centre mid
Nicknames: Johny or JB, nowt interesting, although back in the day it was 'condom', as in Rubber Johny, which after 3 or 4 years got a bit tiring, especially the line "have you got a rubber, Johny?"
Former clubs: Among others, Aylsham Wanderers and York Uni
Best moment in your career: Probably scoring three hat-tricks in three consecutive games when I was a kid
Worst moment in your career: Haha at the minute it's coming on with ten minutes to go against Vikings the other week and giving away the winner with my second touch
Favourite films: Films - Godfathers I and II, Requiem For a Dream, Full Metal Jacket, Monty Python
Favourite Music: - lots of stuff but in particular Deftones, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Kyuss
Best dresser in the team: Anyone who lends me tape before the game
Worst dresser in the team: Zafer or Matt
Best goal you have ever scored: No idea, too many to go through :)
If you were a real player who would you be and why: I'd like to be a less Christian version of Kaka, so I could be awesome at football and take advantage of lots of Italian and Brazilian female football fans
The best novel ever written is: I'm a bit of a reader so it's pretty hard to pick one, but if I had to I'd go for either Herzog by Saul Bellow, or Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky

Name: Bill Nussdorfer
Age: 21
Position: Defensive Midfielder 
Former clubs: Post Road, Tri Valley, Inter, Bentley University.
Nicknames: Beel Norstorfer, Sir William, Billiam, Haagen Dasz, Caps Lock, Nussendorfenheimenslager and a bunch of bucherings of my last name.
Best/worst dresser in the team (B.Celtic): I’d have to give Paul Bartlett worst dresser because he’s never dressed. I’ll also give Paul best dresser because he looks so good in his birthday suit.
The best goal you have ever scored: I’ve only scored one goal in college (and it was terrible) so I have to go back a few years. I’ve had 2 big goals in high school playoffs: one was in OT freshmen year from distance, and the other a pen with 3 minutes left, down one, in the state finals my senior year (we won in OT).
The funniest player at Celtic: Probably Matt or Neil. Jim’s got some great stories, but I think he probably makes up half of them.
What are you're impressions of the club so far: Best Hungarian team I’ve played for with an average age of 35. I like that we’re sponsored by a Scottish pub and strip club, even though I think the Kaledonia should give us free beer.
Favorite music/films: Not picky when it comes to music. Currently for movies I would say Boondock Saints, Green Street Hooligans, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Fight Club. We’ll see after I get a hold of Nosferatu.
The best book ever written is: I read a lot of Roald Dahl when I was little, and not much since.
Best thing about being in Budapest: Everything is so cheap
Worst thing about being in Budapest: I go home May 27th. Besides not being here when it finally gets nice out, I also won’t be here for our Cup final or trip to Prague, and I’ll be on a plane during the Champion’s League final.

Name: Graham Hardy
Position: Central Defender / 2nd team joint Manager
Former clubs: Northbury Athletic, St. John Fisher & St Aidans Associated College, Newcastle University College,Woodford FC, DNS Arrow UK,
Favorite club: Manchester "Many Millions" City - But I have supported this lot since the old days, and have honestly experienced pain and embarassment mostly all the way! Have stopped physically going to games due to the geographical issue, and also the ridiculous costs involved. Forever watching the Sky Blues (sorry Jim there's only room enough for one official Sky Blue team in the English leagues) online..
Best moment in your footballing career:  Defeating Phoenix Software in the Client vs Vendor Cup on their home ground 8-1... I scored, with a powerful left foot into the top corner.. Satisfying as Phoenix were a difficult client of ours, and we did our talking on the pitch.. Take note kids :)
The worst moment:  Actually I would say breaking my rib against Hellas playing two weeks ago for BP Celtic at Építők.. Means I'll be missing from 1st or 2nd team action for too long now..
Nicknames: Gray, Gee,
The funniest player at Celtic:  Joe McCann is a good laugh, but so is Vlad Panov and Mark Servatius.. One of those 3..
Your favorite sayings: "Time spent in reconnaissance is rarely wasted", "Now then", "Get in there lad" & "Baszd meg" to name a few
Fav films/music: Films - it depends on the genre but I like psychological / disturbing films such as "The Machinist" or "A Clockwork Orange" not that I'm a mad b#*$&ßd or anything though!
Music - Well again, depends on my frame of mind - I like rock bands like the Foo Fighters / Kings Of Leon / The Killers - I also like Chill out stuff like Jose Gonalez / Steve Fretwell / David Kitt - I also like dance music like Groove Armada / Basement Jax / Chemical Brothers it depends on how I'm feeling, aye.
The best novel ever written is: God that's tricky.. Maybe "The Historian" or Ken Follett's "The Pillars of Earth" or Graham Hancock's "Supernatural"
If you were a song which song would you be and why: Well, I'd be a dark, discordant classical piece of music which changes into an uplifting tune but is constantly changing and building, like a Tchaikovsky symphony, not really explainable or obvious, but like this..
How did it feel to finally make your Celtic debut after the winter break:  Great I loved it. I love playing and it's essentially that simple. Indoor footy doesn't compare to a rainy, cold day on a full pitch. Top quality Celtic.
Is it difficult to balance a management role with also a playing role: Well, I don't think so. Its like wearing a hat or a mask. You put it on for one situation and you become that role.. Then you take it off and put on what ever is required for the next situation.. Ego problems are for weak men.. You can liken it to a work situation and a family situation, where your behaviour and your inputs change and differ according to what is expected of you, which is always 100% with me - if you see what I mean. That's basically the best way I can summarise.

Name: Stani Ryzhov
Age: Officially turned 24 last week on my birthday party.
The most ultimate and versatile player with one leg (left one).
Nicknames: stani, staszi, shanyi, staniboy, stazzz, bazmeg, staszi-poo-poo.....
Former clubs: As a little kid I played in Ferencvaros but it does not count. This one is my first real soccer club, I’m conservative and loyal :-) so in fact there are 2 things in my life I’m conservative with soccer club and girlfriend (s) :-)
The best dresser in the Celtic team: It’s me fuckers! But no one pays attention to it:-0 i would vote for Martin in 20-30 years old category and Rob in above 30 and in a best party dresser category is definitely Robin :-)
The worst dresser in the Celtic team: definitely keepers, Matt and Zafer
The funniest player in the team and why:
Vlado and Paul (when he shouts for the damn ball which might even be on the other pitch but he wants it) :-)
The greatest moment of your Celtic career: It’s not there yet for sure! :-) the week before was a good one when I came as sub and scored 1 goal and gave 2 assists.
The funniest moment in your Budapest Celtic career:
Last week I left my father on the Lagymanyosi bridge when getting to the match in time :-) he even saw me passing by and was quite surprised I’m there as agreed, he was even more surprised when I passed by without stopping............
Who is the best player you have ever played with: Kyznetsov from Fradi
If you were a real player who would you be and why: Zidane, Maradona, Beckham - there are my favourites, best player of all time in there positions to my mind
Your fav movies/music: check facebook
The best novel ever written is: war and peace by Tolstoy, the guy tried so hard to make it pretty long, should get a credit for that
If you were stuck on a desert island with only one BC player which player would it be and why: Vlado, he is skinny so wont drink too much.