Find out what the Ex-Celtic players are up to now

Chris Pohlad - Message from America

I hope this email finds all of you well. I apologize for not staying in better contact and writing you sooner, but it has been a very busy time since I returned from Budapest. I did receive "congratulations" emails from many of you and appreciate the thoughts and notes. Though I'm not one for mass emails I do believe this is the best way to give all of you an update of how things went and are going back here in the states... As you may know I began working on the Obama campaign in Minnesota in early July and was immediately thrust into a very hectic schedule.. I worked as the operations director for the state, which included, among other things, the opening and closing of all offices statewide, managing the budget, handling all administrative responsibilities in terms of personnel and being the intermediary between headquarters in Chicago and the Minnesota Democratic party. Though it wasn't the most glorious political work I was fortunate to be on senior staff, which meant that I was involved, or at least exposed to all political decision making in the state. Though the days were often very long it was never dull. Whether it be the Sarah Palin being chosen for vice presidential candidate for the Republican party, having the Republican convention (the opposition) in Minnesota, or the state of the economy there were so many things that made the job both exciting and stressful. In the end, as I'm sure you saw all on the news in Europe, it was a favorable outcome for Barack Obama, the country, and I believe the world.. I truly did and do believe that the outcome of this election would change not only the way America operates and how we look at ourselves, but also the way the world looks at America. Recent events have also shown us the direct consequences the fate of the American economy has on the rest of the world, including Hungary (I heard that Hungary was the first EU country to be "bailed out" by the IMF?). While the election itself won't solve all these problems I would not have left a place I loved so much and people whom I truly enjoyed being around if I did not have such a strong belief that Barack Obama, if elected, could begin to renew the U.S. and in effect, strengthen the lives of people throughout the world. I think the resounding acceptance of his victory across all countries is telling that others share this belief.
At this point, I am unsure as what will be next for me. I do plan to move to Washington DC with the hope of finding a job within the Obama administration. Between now and then I will keep you updated and do hope you write back to let me know how you're all doing and update me on Celtic's standings (I have been reading the infamous match reports, which have did prove good comic relief for me during the campaign) and what is/has been going on the past few months. I do miss Budapest and all of you and hope, some day, that I find myself back there to visit. Take care and let me know how everything is going.


Robin Hafner - Message from Germany

well done again. Good to hear you guys are in an unbeatable shape. On the other hand it is sad since it looks like there is no more need for me ;-) My first weeks in Gemany were quite weird and I miss Budapest and you guys a lot. On my way back I had an accident on the German motorway and caused a 18 kilometer traffic jam. Thankfully I was not responsible for the accident. My car is a total loss :-( For almost three weeks I suffered now from a heavy whiplash. I am very happy that I am Ok now. Yesterday it was the first time I went to training again at my new old football club. Anyway I wanted to thank you again for the great time I had with Celtic and for the awesome send off at our curry night. This club is unique due to the fact that there are people like YOU, Matt and Neil putting so much efford into organisation and administration. Especially without you Loz this club would be far away from where it is now. Hopefully I can be in Budapest for the matches againgst the f.... Vikings - I still have a score to settle with them ;-) Even if I can only be there to support the team I would be very pleased. Take care friend and say hello to the other lads


Imre Varga - Update from Pittsburgh

Imre, one time star holding midfielder, has moved on to brighter pastures, to the tropical paradise of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, land of the free. During his prolific career at Celtic he has tallied at least one (1) goal, and since has probably doubled that amount, maybe. He did not tear a ligament his first game back in the States, he does not drink too much beer, hardly ever smokes any cigarettes, and most definitely does not miss that ragtag group of hooligans called the Budapest Celtic. He will surely be checking to see if the team photo is still prominently hanging above the entrance to the WC at The Caledonia the next time in Budapest. It better be. Make sure to wear your shin pads when he comes to visit in the summer.